Commission Hero Review & Bonuses

Review of Robby Blanchard’s Course Commission Hero Plus Huge Bonuses

There are many ways to make money online and over the years affiliate marketing has been a major way to do  that.  Social media really changed the game when it came to the business of affiliate marketing an what was capable.

In this article I want to give you an in depth review of Robby Blanchard’s Course Commission Hero.  You may wonder what all the hype is about as Robby quickly became  Clickbanks #1 Earner.   More important the way he did it was by helping others create wealth for themselves.  In the video below you will hear from Robby about the Commission Hero program.

Just like any product online it’s important to think about the fact that every course online has ups and downs, but in this review I am going to give you the full perspective on this program, and why I think it’s worth a deeper look.

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What Is Commission Hero?

Commission Hero is an online training program that is giving ordinary people like you and I an honest path to success & to learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and clickbank.   Learning this trade is like having a set of tools that will allow you to build a long term business that you control.  When you watch some of the student testimonials you will see how these students are generating around $1000 per day by following the steps that Robby outlines.

Is This Really Possible?  Well lets look further into this and see if we can’t find some answers.

Who Is Robby Blanchard – Commission Hero Review?


Commssion Hero Review OTO & Bonuses

How Is This Different From Other Programs?


Look if you are at all like I am, I have been through so many programs and learning portals in many ways they all start to look the same.   However, if you look into all of the various Commission Hero Reviews online you will start to understand that something is definitely different about Robby’s program.

Not only does break down the step by step, it’s almost like get an inside look into a multi millionaires exact over the should system in a way that is so simple and easy to follow.  It’s one of the most user friendly courses that I have been through because it’s broken down in such a simple easy to follow way.  The System has 12 in depth modules and here is the breakdown.

  • GETTING STARTED the first Module 1 will help you to get an overview about facebook ads, clickfunnels, etc.
  • CHOOSING OFFERS Module 2 teaches you to choose the right offers so that your promotions are able to deliver on the ground.
  • AD IMAGES  Module 3 – Teaches you how to identify the right types of images for your ads. This will help in improving clickthrough rates quite a bit.
  • LANDING PAGES Module 4 –  is an important part of any online campaign. It will teach you how to set up the landing pages that will help the buyers of this program to pre-sell their potential. This is something that not many other programs will be able to offer.
  • FACEBOOK CAMPAIGNS Modules 5 & 6 – This is where you will be taught how to set up the actual Facebook campaigns. You will learn how to create Ads, custom audiences, adsets, etc.
  • TRACKING Module 7 –  will help teach you how to track your campaign.
  • SCALING UP Module 8 –  is all about scaling and will help you to find the right hot spot if you would like to call it that way.
  • NINJA TACTICS – Module 9  – also deals with scaling but teaches you how to tweak your campaign making use of the Ninja tactics.
  • Module 10 thorugh 12 – Are all about various promotions and the founder personally helps you with coaching calls to climb the ladders of success.Once you are inside your account, you will see how unique this training is and understand why regular every day individuals can easily follow the system and get results.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.


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Pros of Commission Hero

  • Easy to Follow Step By Step Training that is easy to digest
  • 12 Easy to follow comprehensive Modules
  • Robby is the #1 Clickbank Affiliate in the World so you are learing from the BEST
  • All you need is an internet connection, clickbank account, and be willing to learn
  • You get one-on-one assitance through the program
  • Access to ad image library and ad copy
  • There is a 12 month guarantee ( That’s Impressive)
  • Extremely user friendly for newbies
  • It is cost effective especially when compared to other “guru” courses

Cons of Commission Hero

  • You Have to Pay to Get Access
  • Need money for ads (plan on $500) if you can spend more you have faster success
  • It takes work, just like any business but the plus sides outway the work.

Commision Here Upsells & OTO’s

There are no upsells for this product which is great!  You get full access to everything that you need to be successful.

Check out the Free Training for Tons of REAL CLIENT testimonials and for more information on Commission Hero.


Bonus #1 –  $100 Per Day With Simple Affiliate Sites You Can Build in 3 Hours

Bonus #2 – SEO BLOG Mastery – Generate More Income From Your Posts

Bonus #3 – Youtube SEO Mastery – From Research to Implementation

These bonuses will help you succeed even further with the training and I made them myself so nobody else can offer you these.

Simply pick up the free training below and send me a screenshot to & I Will send you your bonuses –

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