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The Best Free Ways for Financial Advisors to Market Their Business

While  Alpha Bay Media Focuses heavily on paid advertising for the companies we work with, we really try to help our clients expand their businesses through free organic methods of generating new business as well.

There has been a tremendous transformation in the marketing industry over the years. Thanks to the internet, marketing has a new dimension to what we used to know. However, the primary objective of connecting businesses with current and future clients has not changed at all.

For Financial Advisors, your client base consists of many different types of people, typically over the age of 35. From business owners to doctors  And regardless of the size of your clients’ business, it’s critical to establish connections to grow your business.

Social Media Marketing is a sure bet if carried out strategically.

Social Media For Financial Advisors

Can Financial Advisors  market their business for free?

The truth is that many Advisors are cautious when it comes to spending on marketing. Many have tried using different lead generation methods and many times don’t get much result from it if they aren’t working with a season company.  So here are some ways that you can expand your business online without spending money on paid advertising.Yes, for free.

Social media marketing

In todays environment you may have social media already, or you should, But are you using it to market your business? Social media is one of the powerful tools of digital marketing.Using channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter to promote your business online is one of the fastest ways to build trust

How do you get the best out of your social media marketing?

A successful social media campaign starts with a plan. Without a plan, you will be finding yourself in a maze without a map and while you might enjoy the thrill,  you will probably get lost.

For a solid social media strategy, start by asking yourself the below questions:
• What’s my target audience?
• What are my social media goals?
• Which platforms do my target audience hangout on?

The nature of your business, will drive the direction of your social media strategy.

How To Market Your financial Advisor Business

What are the benefits of social media?A common misconception is that social media is for visibility alone. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, social media gives free visibility for your brand and also comes with tons of other benefits. These are:

• Pulls traffic to your website
• Enhances credibility of your business
• Improves communication for your business
• Leads to conversions
• And much, much more

Point to note, the above benefits do not come out of the blues. Your social media page needs to have compelling content to get the best out of it.

How can I do this? It’s not simple, but it’s doable.

Keep your followers engaged by posting helpful content that matters to them. Otherwise, your rare post will get lost among millions of posts out there. Make the use of social media calendars to schedule your posts across different platforms. Create your content in advance to avoid a last-minute rush.


Use visuals to keep your followers hooked to your pages. Long, wordy posts can be a turn-off if they are not packed with value.Many advisors are not properly using social media to market their services, and you don’t want to be that.  You would be leaving money on the table. Social media is a remarkable tool that will take your business to new horizons. Start using it today. It’s free.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Without getting technical, SEO is marketing tactics to make your website rank higher in search engines. But how is this important for my business?

When your website ranks higher in search results, more people will tend to click on it. And you know what? These clicks could turn into sales. How? When people visit your website, they will likely get to know the services you offer. And if your product offering interests them, they will go ahead and make a sale.

How can I up my SEO game? It’s no secret that SEO will take your marketing strategy to the next level. But, that is easier said than done. To get the best out of SEO, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of what you need to do.

Keyword research.  Think of the likely keywords potential clients are likely to search when looking for your services on google, or even youtube.

You could start by conducting keyword research. And the beauty is free tools like Google AdWords will make your task less daunting.

Search Example:   Financial Advisor in St Pete Florida

Financial Advisor Digital Marketing

Remember that google gives you so much information on how their platform works.  Look in the example image above.  The search returns some great information

The #1 spot on the map has reviews, so it’s a good idea for you as well to have a google my business listing and make sure you get some client reviews on there as well.

Having your address on your website is important, but also it’s a great idea to actually embed a google map on to your home page as this helps google identify where you are located.

The #1 spot Underneath the map is actually the #1 ranking in google’s eyes.

Notice some key things here?
The Url Has the keywords from the search term.    St-petersburg-fl-financial-planner is in their SLUG aka their URL.

The title of the page also contains a version of these keywords but not exact.

Also, their meta tag description contain some keywords and you can tell which ones because google highlights them in black.  This is a big reason why this site ranks high in google and partially how SEO works.


Optimize your site for mobile. In this day and age, the use of mobile devices is on a meteoric rise. To capture the attention of the tons of potential customers using mobile devices, make your website user-friendly. How? Improve the speed of load time and enable your site’s compatibility with mobile devices.

Other tips to boost your SEO include:

• Consistent content creation
• Use Google Analytics for your site
• Attract credible links from RELEVANT websites  ( don’t blast your site with poor links, relevance is important )
• Optimize titles and meta-description for your site
• Clean up your URLs

Start using SEO for your website.

It will take a 3-6  months to exhibit results, but the efforts are worth it.

Financial Planners and Advisors Advertising

Blog marketing

You can create a blogging page for your brand. In this way, you get to position your business as the thought-leader in the financial advisor industry.

Blog about topics of interest to your audience. Again, frequency is pivotal to blog marketing’s success. Your audience will keep subscribed to your blog if you can deliver content consistently.

The nature of blog marketing is to provide relevant content and draw people back to you. It also offers a platform for your business to interact with your audience. Other benefits include:

• Pulls traffic to your website
• It’s free and easy to use
• Improves your SEO
• Builds credibility to your business
• Leads to conversions

Like any other marketing tool, to start your blog marketing, it would be best to start with a concrete plan before anything else.

What questions are your clients asking?
What information helps them in their buying decision?
What are their biggest fears?
How can you provide a solution to those fears?

Use google to research what questions people are asking and use youtube to find other ideas around great topics.

Remember to leave a comment section on your blog to increase interaction with your audience. Also, encourage email signups to encourage people interested in your topics to keep coming back.

Email marketing

Email marketing is sending emails to prospective customers to invoke interest and eventually becoming your clients.

Most people, if not all, have emails. But what we probably do not know is that beyond communication, email is a powerful marketing tool. Probably more effective than social media. You don’t believe me?

Think of it in this way. You need to subscribe to online content or make an online purchase. What’s the thing that you need? Yes, an email at the very least. These platforms do not ask for your social media handles. And to add to that, you probably need to have an email to open a social media page.

As I let that sink in, how then can you make this fantastic tool work to your advantage when marketing your business?

Your email subject must be catchy and relevant. Otherwise, no one will open your email. Be sure also to include links and a call to action (CTA) plea. Avoid bland, mundane CTA statements like “enter your email for updates.” You will be shooting yourself in the foot.

How then, can you entice your audience to answer to your CTA? You could offer free downloads. Also, bold your CTA to grab attention. Is this all about email marketing?

The following additional tips come in handy:

• Proofread your email: an error-laden email is better than none
• Properly check your email list: remove duplicate and invalid email addresses
• Test and optimize your email content
• Ensure your emails are mobile-friendly

With email marketing, you will reach more for less. As you lay out the marketing strategy for your brand, make sure email marketing is on top of your list to connect with your customers. Yes, its old technology, but it is not about to lose its relevance.

Video marketing

The importance of video marketing cannot be stressed enough. The rise of video consumption is clear and many prefer watching videos over reading content. Your videos should be not only entertaining but also educative and inspiring.

I know I know, video and financial advisors can be like  water and petrol. But it works for gaining clients and videos also come in handy when conducting webinars and virtual events for your audience.

Stand out from the crowd by utilizing unconventional means of marketing. You could start with video marketing. Worried about costs? Don’t be. Well, professional videography can be expensive. However, for a start, you only need a smartphone and a laptop.

Business directories

If you have been around this world for some time, you must have come across humongous yellow books that we would use to search for services. Well, these yellow books have now been replaced by online listings.

Popular business directories include Google My Business, Yelp, and Yell. However, you could search for other free ones on Google. You could also consider business directories such as Search Accountant or Accountant Directory that are specific to your line of business.

Also, to note is that customers using devices with GPS features can find services within their vicinity if listed in the local business directories. You wouldn’t want your business to miss out on this list.

Establish a referral program

Empower your customers and your employees to be your marketers. Referrals, whether online or offline, are invaluable. Why? Studies show that one is likely to try out a business if they get a recommendation from someone they trust.

Encourage your clients to refer their friends, relatives, and business associates to you. For even more success, you can incentivize your program by offering discounts for successful referrals.

Meet and greet

Zoom Marketing For Financial Advisors
Marketing is all about establishing connections with potential customers. A lot of emphasis is placed on online marketing. However, to be multi-dimensional, you could consider other channels like face to face networking.  In todays environment that can even mean zoom meetings.

One of the best ways to network in your local area is to host or be a part of large Meetups & many have already shifted to online meetups.

How can you do it effectively? You can send speakers in forums to address business owners.

You can also conduct free training session for people that has a call to action at the end of the meeting.

Excellent product offering

No amount of marketing exceeds the magic of excellent services. Make your service stand out from that of rivals. However, no matter how great your marketing strategy is, it will not take you far if your services are subpar.

To sum it all up

These are all the ways you can grow and scale your business without spending a lot of money.  Apply the above marketing tips to shorten your road to success.

Now if you are in fact interested in having your marketing efforts taken off your hands set up a time to chat with us here at Alpha Bay Media.   We help advisors just like you generate consistent pre-qualified appointments every week.  We handle your marketing so you can focus on your business.

Check out our case studies HERE and Book A Discovery Call with Us Today

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